• E is for Ellisville is a children's book about the history of Ellisville, Mississippi.  From A to Z this book is loaded with fascinating facts about this unique small town...

  • Contains 18 rare photographs and 40+ pages of little-known information! 

  • This book is one-of-a-kind and will quickly become a collectible!

  • Written by Ginny Wilson Cruz for children between ages 8 and 12, but it will be enjoyed by adults and children of all ages.

Hard copies available in Ellisville at:

Ward's Pharmacy | Anderson-Deason Country Store

or online - click here

Want a Kindle version?

click here



 What they're saying!

  •  WOW! I will be so thrilled to share it with my adult children and their kids!  Phil
  • I gave one to each of my 4 sisters at Thanksgiving!  We had such fun reading, looking at the photos & reminiscing & discovering new facts about Ellisville!  Definitely not just for children!   Julie
  • ...book is AWESOME!!! We have read it SEVERAL TIMES this weekend.   Claudette
  • I love it.  I've already read it twice and I'm learning a lot of new things I never knew about Ellisville!  Of course, I've only been here about 40 years!  You've really put a lot of research into it.   Peggy
  • I will cherish my copy for all of my days.   Beulah
  • I love the book and what a treasure it is for those of us who grew up in Ellisville.  Deena
  • Thanks for putting together this great book for children to help remember the great city of Ellisville. - Paula

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